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Chief Editor

Santosh Shukla

Chief Editor

Supreme Court, Advocate

AIITA News where IT Professionals, students, IT industrialist share their views and reviews

All India IT Association (AIITA) has been listed under section 25 of company Act of Ministry of corporate Affairs (MAF) to conduct and run awareness programs and activities of computer and IT education. AIITA coordinates and motivates it National wide member through conducting seminars workshops symposium and conference across the country. AIITA has carved landmark identity in organizing and sponsoring national as wells International It conference to boost the cause of IT awareness.

It's been sole motive of AIITA to support the policies and guidelines of IT department of the state and union government through its vision and mission. AIITA promotes Tailor made job oriented computer education courses among Student and growth to generate new opportunities is getting employment.

A heritage of over 8 years in the services, starting from 2007, All India IT Association (AIITA) is one among the pioneers in this field with over 0.7 millions dedicated students and over one thousand IT Learning Centers to its credit. Our customers' experience is through our people and their performance, which result in an outstanding track record of success. These are the achievements that influence customers to trust us. The relationships which cause our customers to return to us year after year are built by our people. AIITA is one of the leading brands in the computer education sector, and holds national and international status. AIITA members are proud of a decade legacy in providing quality education and training in computer technology and advanced IT courses.

All India IT Association (AIITA), registered under government of India, has launched monthly magazine AIITANEWS" which espouses the cause of IT and awareness among youth. The sole objective of the News paper is to disseminate latest information and provide a platform where IT Professionals, students, IT industrialist share their views and reviews.

All India IT Association (AIITA) promotes scientific temper, technological curiosity and understanding, cultural integrity and empathy, political awareness & welfare, economic & gender equity, educational literacy, social activities that help in social cohesion as well as national unity amongst the different classes of society irrespective of caste and religion thus helping in the process of national integration, religious tolerance, basic understanding of fundamental rights & duties to the citizens of India, youth exposure to the ideologies and ideas of our freedom fighters and other legendary men that created a difference in life of masses, social justice and to achieve all of above by awareness programmes, adult education classes, lectures, seminars, webinars , workshops, audio and video programmes on various electronic public platforms and social networking websites, exhibitions, cultural programs, Press conference and Public meetings.

All India IT Association (AIITA) supports to publish books, e books, charts, illustrations, general magazines, periodicals, newsletters, papers and other publication on the different subjects and in different languages for the promoting and fulfillment of above aims and objectives of the society.